The benefits of the foot bath

A foot bath is one of the best ways to relax.

Give time and love to your feet which are pillars, the limbs that connect you directly to Mother Earth. Honor your feet during a ritual dedicated to them.

Why take a foot bath?


Foot baths increase overall body temperature, which can ease muscle and mental tension and relieve stress.

Hot water baths for the feet have the power to relieve pain in other parts of the body besides the feet. They may have the ability to help headaches.

Soaking and cleaning your feet in warm water reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, bringing congested blood to dilated vessels in the feet and legs.

Foot baths were designed to help fight depression, as they can decrease and/or completely eliminate tension, anger, confusion, hostility and anxiety. 

If you've ever had a pedicure, you know that an essential step is to soak your feet in warm water. This helps reduce the presence and appearance of typical foot problems like calluses, corns and dry skin.


What oils should you put in your foot bath?


Sweet mint bath and body oil

Peppermint is refreshing and stimulates blood circulation, does a world of good if you have heavy legs!

Sage bath and body oil 

It helps to cleanse your feet and fight against perspiration! If your feet sweat excessively, this is the oil for you!


Geranium bath and body oil

Geranium will naturally perfume your bath and your feet. Perfect for smelly little feet!


Lavender bath and body oil

The oil par excellence if you need to relax, its smell brings you to relaxation almost instantly. 


Ginger bath and body oil

This will make your skin more nourished and soft. 



Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your foot bath!

The vinegar foot bath allows you to relax and soften your skin. It is highly recommended, especially if you wear uncomfortable shoes during your day.


Add some bath salt to your foot bath!

Le sel d'Himalaya is easily absorbed by the skin and replenishes your body's magnesium ion levels. It also has the ability to eliminate foot odor and fungus, as well as help heal ingrown toenails.


Merci pour ces excellents conseils en plus d’être bienfaisants, ont une portée hautement spirituelle, pour prendre soin de ses pieds, merci.
J’ai mis en application et je fais cela très régulièrement pour de multiples raisons, mais en surtout pour une purification à dimension spirituelle.

Chandra January 17, 2024

Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces données qui vont m’être très utiles. Cordialement.

FOUCHER December 15, 2023

I loved that you mentioned that hot water baths can help improve circulation. I am on my feet all day, and I’ve noticed that my feet have been really sore this week. Maybe this weekend I’ll go to a spa and get my feet massaged to help me feel better.

Eve Mitchell September 14, 2022

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