Femininity and marks

Scars, stretch marks and other marks on the skin are things that affect how we perceive our own femininity. In our society, beauty standards and gender norms can often lead us to consider these marks as imperfections when, on the contrary, they make us unique and beautiful beings. 

The media, advertising and cosmetics industries help reinforce these standards by promoting images of smooth-skinned, unmarked women. This social pressure can cause us to see our brands as flaws that distance us from the predominant feminine ideal.

It is possible to feel shame, embarrassment and insecurity about our physical appearance. These feelings can lead us to judge ourselves harshly and question our femininity.

Beauty should not be limited to a specific ideal, but should rather embrace the diversity of bodies and experiences. Indeed, we should start to consider our brands as integral parts of our history and our individual identity.

The reappropriation of our own image is a process that requires time and acceptance. These brands tell unique stories about our lives and journeys. They can symbolize the strength, resilience and healing capacity of our body and that is also femininity!

What is your relationship with the marks on your body?

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