3 fall bath recipes to make at home

When fall arrives, the urge to slip into a nice warm bath with a comforting latte and then curl up in blankets in front of your favorite Netflix series comes back to life. We're not complaining! It feels so good ... 

I offer you here 3 complete bath recipes to make at home. Super simple recipes with products you know. Make your immersive experience complete and sublime. 

A citrus and pumpkin bath

When fall arrives, is there really anything more adorable than mini pumpkins?  



Cut the citrus into thin slices and place them in a bowl with the mini pumpkins. 

Make yourself a hot beverage with Blume's Pumpkin Latte Mix available in our SELV Market. Biological. Vegan. Natural. Contains real pumpkin. Without caffeine. 

Pour the oat milk into your hot tub until the water has a latte effect. Gently place all the citrus and mini pumpkins in your hot tub. If you don't want to buy that many citrus, you can use one or two Citrus complementary immersive kits

Oats are amazing at soothing and nourishing the epidermis. Ritual Boho Oil contains essential oil of lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon. It is perfect for children. 

After your ritual, you can rinse the mini pumpkins in clean water and use them as decoration. 

A super simple and terribly cute bath. 

The ultimate pumpkin spice latte 

Fall is synonym of cinnamon, spices and comfort. 



Empties the contents of the immersive kit The Luv Ritual in a bowl, avoiding to add the salt, the packet of matches, the oil and the floating lantern. Take the time to do your ritual quietly, just for you. To appreciate the beauty of the ingredients. Add the cinnamon sticks. 

Pour the salt from the immersive kit into the hot water of your bath. Place the Moon of Venus in your bath and gently slide inside. Enjoy the moment. Watch the bath bomb spin and shake. 

When the water has a latte effect, place the ingredients in your bowl. Peaches, flowers, rosebuds and spices. Put 2 or 3 pipettes of Rituel Luv botanical oil in the water. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder and instant coffee in the water. Gently put down the floating lantern. Light it with your match pack. 

Coffee is invigorating and energizing for the skin, just like cinnamon. 

* extra * 

If you have the Luv essence, you can put 2 or 3 drops of your essence in your floating lantern to create a peach candle. 

If you have a censer, burn a stick of Nag Mantra incense in your bathroom before slipping into your bath to purify the air of bad energies and make your ritual most comforting. 

Enjoy your moment. 

A comforting vitamin bath

The landscapes in warm and reassuring colors inspire comfort and well-being. 



First of all, I recommend that you get your flower basket from La Blandinerie one or two weeks before doing your bath ritual. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers by decorating your space before cutting them and putting them in your bath water. I chose this one because it contains seasonal flowers and the colors will coordinate beautifully with the citrus in your bath. If you don't want to go, the delivery information is right here.

If you don't live near Montreal, I invite you to go see your neighborhood florist and ask him for the seasonal flowers he holds. I recommend that you take red, orange and / or yellow chrysanthemums and goldenrods. You may even be able to pick some near your home! Nature offers us so many wonders, it's very easy to find beautiful fresh flowers to incorporate into your bath. 

Cut your fresh oranges into thin slices and place them in a bowl with the citrus from the Le Rituel Citrus immersive kit.

Light your candle and place it near your bath. 

Quietly and delicately place each citrus slice in your bath. Then do the same with the flowers in your bouquet without the stems. Put 3-4 pipettes of pure blood orange oil in hot water. Slowly, slip into the vitamin water of your hot bath and take advantage of the moment to turn on your Palo Santo. Burn the end of the stick for about 30 seconds and then blow on it. 

Pure blood orange oil helps repair and tone the skin. Pure vitamins for your skin. The Palo Santo attracts the positive and pushes the negative away. It is also a scent that invites sensuality. 

Photo credit wispyfeatherfarm.com 

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