The little guide to the SELVMADE The New Ritual box



Every new day I am a new human. I like what I see of myself. I am who I am. Novelty. 

Your SELVMADE box  

This month, in your SELVMADE box, we created an immersive experience that oozes renewal and purity. The month of January is synonymous with recovery and renewal. We wanted to offer you something other than the famous New year, new me and all the resolutions that are often too negative. We wanted to give you something positive. Why not New year, better me. You are already so perfect as you are. You can simply afford to grow even more and evolve, for the fun of it. 

This box is not just a ritual for the bath or the shower, it will follow you throughout the month. It will allow you to stretch the SELVCARE over several days in the month, so that 2022 begins with as much serenity as possible. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and would like to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box in your customer account. 

To get the extra products that we mention in this little guide, you just have to click on them directly in the text. It's still that simple! 

The experience 

The New Ritual is a ritual to start the new year 2022 in full force. Start the year by relaxing with simple and pure products. Products that will cleanse your skin and your respiratory system. 

To begin with, in your box, you have a SELVCARE diary from January 2022. This little notebook allows you to separate the pages to display them on your desk, on your refrigerator or wherever you want. Each card contains a wellness challenge or 'task' to accomplish that month. You can plan them in advance on your calendar which is on the first page of the notebook. 

Each card can be used with different products offered on our site. I offer them to you right here. You are free to get them or not. Know that you don't need it to get the full experience. 

1. You can use our gua-sha, the vibrating facial t-bar Where the rose quartz sculpting roller to relax the muscles of your face. 

2. The game Know yourself to go further in knowing and loving you. 

3. The game Calm to give you ideas of inspiring phrases that make you feel good. 

4. Eucalyptus tablet for the shower to get even more benefits for your respiratory system when you do the breathing exercise. 

5. In the SELV LOVE section of our site, you have different playlists to make you want to move. 

6. Again, the game Calm will be your best ally. 

7. A bouquet of flowers! 

8. You already have everything you need to complete this card. 

First, go get yourself a bottle of RISE kombucha from any retailer that offers them, with the coupon found in your box. We recommend that you choose the Mint & Chlorophyll flavor because it is full of iron and calcium, in addition to stimulating the immune system. 

To make yourself a steam bath for the face, boil 4 cups of water and carefully pour it into a large bowl. Put the entire contents of your pot in it, and let infuse 4 to 5 minutes. If you have the SHOWER ritual, or have purchased the Le Nouveau Rituel essence, add 10 drops to your bowl. 

Sit comfortably and place your face about eight inches from the bowl, with a towel over your head. Breathe and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Your skin is now expressly ready to apply the Green Clay Oatmeal Mask. It will dislodge blackheads and soften your skin. Mix one to two teaspoons of the mixture with a little water or aloe gel to form a smooth paste. Apply it on your face. Leave to act for about 10 minutes. Rinse. 


 The New SHOWER Ritual



While your mask is doing its job, you can step into your shower and enjoy the scent of your fir, pine and juniper berry shower tablet. Observed. Let her lather under the stream of water and breathe. Hûme. The essential oils it contains are excellent for your respiratory system and your immune system.

You can put a small amount of your shower gel on the exfoliating glove. You don't have to use shower gel with this one, but the effect is super pleasant. Take the time to massage every part of your body well and appreciate the sensation. 

You can also add a few drops of Le Nouveau Rituel essence to your daily shower gel or body wash.  

Rinse your face well as necessary to remove the entire mask. 

When you get out of your shower, you can apply the bath and body oil on your chest to enjoy all the benefits it offers you. You can also apply it on the areas that need a little more love like your elbows and knees. Even underfoot before sleeping! 


You can use your essence as a diffuser oil, you can put it on your drying balls, on your pillow before sleeping, in your candles, in your body lotion and in your homemade cleansers. 


To take your shower ritual further 

If you want to take your showering ritual even further, I recommend that you add a sage and cedar smudge. Sage purifies the air and draws away negative energies to make room for the positive. It offers a scent of sage as we know it, with relaxing balsamic notes. Otherwise, incense also has purifying properties. We particularly recommend theblack spruce and balsam fir incense. We have tested hundreds of incense all over the world and literally this is the most forest smelling one we have tried. We love it! 

To cleanse your skin even more in depth, we strongly recommend the dry brush for the body by Avra. Rubbing this brush on your skin, either in the shower or before going, exfoliates but also provides lymphatic drainage to your limbs. It is a great way to activate your blood circulation and activate your immune system. 


The New BATH Ritual


When your mask is working, slip into the warm water of your bath. Drop your bath bomb there and watch it spin and disperse to offer divine water latte. Enjoy the smell. Then, quietly place the flowers in your immersive mini kit. Place the floating lantern in the water and light it while making a wish. You can put a little gasoline or oil in your paper lantern to give it a scent. 

You have the choice to place the pink Himalayan salt rock in the bottom of your bath and let it decompose naturally. Otherwise, you can place it on the edge of your bath or near a candle to enjoy the benefits of the light passing through. 

Use your exfoliating glove during your bathing ritual to gently exfoliate your skin. Rub your legs, your arms, your shoulders, your belly, your chest ... 

Put some push of oil in your bath water to nourish your skin. You can also massage your chest with the oil to enjoy all the benefits of essential oils on your respiratory system. If you have The New Ritual essence, you can put 8 to 10 drops in your bath water. 


Rinse your face well as necessary to remove the entire mask. 


To take your bath ritual further 

If you want to take your bathing ritual even further, we recommend that you try the game Know yourself. These are self-knowledge cards created to accompany you on a journey of personal growth. They present you with a range of ideas and questions that encourage self-reflection, allowing you to become a little more aware of what you really need, your priorities and your potential. 

If you want to create a soft and subdued atmosphere, light yourself a candle the Borea Glowl will go perfectly with this woody ritual with fir fragrances. 

For your skin, we offer you hydrating cream with hyaluronic acid + Labrador tea which will hydrate your skin in depth. 


New Years Eve  

We would like to thank you for subscribing to the SELVMADE box. Thank you for taking this time for yourself, for offering yourself one or more evenings, every month. We promise you that in 2022, your box will be even more incredible. We grow and evolve to offer you even more relaxation and pleasure.