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My heart and my body are ignited with exhilarating heat. The one that makes me live. Love for thyself, love for another. 


Your SELVMADE box  

This month, in your SELVMADE box, we have created a romantic and sensual experience to celebrate love! This box is filled with products that inspire to love yourself. We want you to find yourself handsome or beautiful. We want you to love yourself as much as you love the people around you. 

This box is your tool to love yourself in this month of love. She exudes passion, sensuality, sharing and romance. Love yourself more to love others better. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and would like to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box in your customer account. 

To get the extra products mentioned in this little guide, just click on them directly in the text. It's still so simple! 


The stars 

The stars speak to us and we, little Earthlings, interact consciously and unconsciously with these energies. From the beginning of 2022, the energy of Capricorn made us see all these colors with its Venus retrograde which followed us from December 19, 2021 until January 29, 2022. As if this period of introspection in the face of our interpersonal relationships, our desires and our vision of commitment were not shaken enough, the retrograde of Mercury hits us. From January 14 to February 3, this second retrograde in Capricorn will affect our communications and then our interactions with technology and the other humans who gravitate around us.

These two retrogrades under the sign of Capricorn are characterized by an influence of high discipline, structure and an ambitious vision. They can affect you more particularly in the field of work. The month of February is then the perfect time to give yourself back and offer you a period of calm. Some decisions or thoughts have taken over your mind and regardless of the outcome of these retrogrades, it is important to come back to yourself, find your balance and offer yourself sweetness.

In this sense, the 1is February will be the new moon in Aquarius, the vanguard of the zodiac, which will offer us a new beginning to manifest what we wish to attract. The full moon in Leo present on February 16 will also offer us the chance to end this last cycle, to congratulate ourselves for all that we have been through and to strengthen our intentions for the future. Full Moons offer powerful Feminine (Ying) energy and are the perfect opportunity to connect with your own Feminine. Connect with water by taking the time and kindness to treat yourself to a bath ritual that will allow the body to energize in complicity with our good chum the moon. In the end, star or no star (that is the question), let yourself float in the love and compassion you have for yourself and the people who are lucky enough to surround you. Cheers to all we've been through lately and let's have a crush like in high school towards ourselves, without embarrassment, by putting ourselves on a pedestal and doing everything possible to show off (this time to ourselves *so leo energy* to properly embody the energy of this full moon)! 


Rox (iel/they/them)



The experience 

The SELVLOVE Ritual is your Valentine's Day evening, your evening to love YOU.

To start, roll out your yoga mat, grab a blanket or two to enjoyun cours de yoga Yin offered free of charge by Acte. It is a gentle, almost meditative yoga session. It relaxes and relaxes the muscles in depth. This practice will allow you to settle down and refocus on yourself. Pure SELVLOVE, Acte style. here is playlist SELVLOVE for you. 

Don't forget that with the code SELV25 you get 25% off your first month on the Acte training multi-disciplinary training platform.

Following this session, your body will almost feel like it has received a massage. That's what we want. It's the perfect way to start your SELVLOVE party. 

Boil some water and infuse your David's tea tea bag. We invite you to enjoy your hot drink throughout your ritual, as you wish. Same thing for your Squish candies. 

Moreover, Squish is a local company, established in Montreal, which offers a wide selection of 100% vegan treats. SELV10 for 10% off on their site,

Afterwards, you can light your sensual massage candle. To use it as a massage oil, it must have burned for between 30 and 45 minutes.  

Your SELVLOVE crystal mix was designed with rose quartz stones, garnet stones, kunzite stones, red agate, a tiny bit of obsidian or clear quartz. Each crystal present in this mixture has a specific utility. 

the quartz rose is associated with the heart chakra. It is said to help soothe heartbreak and deep emotional wounds in order to attract gentleness and affection. 

The kunzite, a symbol of tenderness, would offer a balance between the mind and the emotions. It stimulates emotions positively. 

L'red agate is a stone of protection. It allows you to anchor yourself and feel more balanced in your daily life and in your emotions. It is also said to stimulate the libido. 

the garnet is a stone of passion. Joy of life and energy. It would help free his sexuality from all taboos. 

But how to use it? You can clean them simply by running them through water several times with rubbing alcohol. Let them dry on a cloth. Then you can use them in different ways. You can put them in decoration in a specific place to take advantage of their energies. You can fill the small pot with water and let the stones infuse. Then, pour the water into a foot or hand bath. If your little stones have been properly cleaned and dried with rubbing alcohol beforehand, you could let the water absorb the energies of the crystals and then you can drink it in a cup of tea. 

As for your SELVLOVE game, you can use it throughout the month. There are 40 cards and we hope each of them will create memorable moments for you. 


 The SELVLOVE Shower Ritual

  • A sensual Ylang-Ylang and grapefruit massage candle
  • The game SELVLOVE
  • The SELVLOVE crystal mix
  • A Yin yoga class offered by ACT training 
  • Squish candies (SELV10 for 10% off on site
  • A cup of David's tea
  • A sample of Le Rituel Fraise oil
  • A shower oil with sandalwood and palmarosa
  • A body mist with rose and geranium 
  • The SELV circular of the month of February

Psst. You get 25% off with the code SELV25 on your first month by subscribing to the multi-disciplinary training platform Acte training

Oh! and you also have 10% discount on your order on the site of Squish with code SELV10. 


During your ritual, use the cleansing shower oil to massage yourself. We wanted to give you time to reconnect with your sensuality. Both sandalwood and palmarosa essential oil have aphrodisiac properties. 

When you get out of the shower, you can use the shower mist to perfume your body. It offers you a delicate rose scent, nothing more romantic. You can also use it as a face mist and/or makeup spray. 


To take your shower ritual further 

If you want to take your shower ritual even further, we suggest you burn incense. Looking for romance? try incense Romance de Satya. Looking for love? try incense Gonesh love. In search of sensuality? try incense sandalwood Where musk of Gonesh. Looking for privacy? Oh! We have something else to offer you. 

Our privacy section offers a variety of toys for you to enjoy alone or in pairs. The perfect vibrator to use in your shower? the Drop gris where the Drop vert, is water resistant. 


The SELVLOVE Bath Ritual

  • A sensual Ylang-Ylang and grapefruit massage candle
  • The game SELVLOVE
  • The SELVLOVE crystal mix
  • A Yin yoga class offered by ACT training 
  • Squish candies (SELV10 for 10% off on site
  • A cup of David's tea
  • A sample of Le Rituel Fraise oil
  • A rose bath milk
  • A bath tea 
  • The SELV circular of the month of February

Psst. You get 25% off with the code SELV25 on your first month by subscribing to the multi-disciplinary training platform Acte training

Oh! and you also have 10% discount on your order on the site of Squish with code SELV10. 


First of all, you can use the water that you left to infuse in your little jar of crystals in your bath. Simply pour the water into your bath when it is full to feel the energies emanating from the crystals. You can also put the crystals on your bath tray or even in your bath water. 

Take your bath tea bag and drop it into your warm bath water. Move it slowly and watch the color emerge from the sachet. Take the time to enjoy the moment. 

Then, slowly pour in the chocolate-colored bath milk. The smell is simply exquisite.  


To take your bath ritual further 

If you want to take your bath ritual even further, we recommend that you add incense to your ritual. try incense Romance de Satya, incense Gonesh loveincense sandalwood Where musk of Gonesh. 

If you want to add crystals to your ritual, anything made of rose quartz is connected directly with your heart chakra. It will help you open your heart and give way to love, tenderness and affection. You will find all our rose quartz crystals here

Otherwise, Maude's vibrators in our privacy section are water resistant so if you want to give yourself a moment of privacy in your bath, you can try the Drop, the Vibe where the Cone


Valentine's day   

Whether you are in a relationship or single and whether you have a valentine or not, you can celebrate the day of love! 

At SELV, we find that one of the best ways to get closer to someone is by starting conversations, by communicating. That's why we offer amazing games on our site that will allow you to connect even more with your partner. Pillow talk, to know each other's fantasies and put you in the mood. Connect, to bring you even closer emotionally. To love you, and you alone, Know yourself Where Big Questions