Selv Rituel

Rituel Quartz Botanical Oil Roll-on

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The experience

The burning sun that warms every rose. The smell of rose envelops you and permeates you...


It smells...

Like roses.


The benefits of this oil

  • Helps healing
  • Calms redness
  • Nourishes and promotes hydration



This oil helps soothe skin blemishes. Rolls directly onto the places that need it. You can also use it as a sweet perfume. 

This oil is safe for pregnant women.

*For external use only. Do not apply to lips, eyes or genitals.  



Damascus rose oil, rose essential oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, natural fragrance, rosebuds and vitamin E.

Natural. Vegan.



10 ml


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You can use your oil roll-on up to 100 times.

The oil nourishes your epidermis. A good oil helps your skin to retain the water that is there and thus retains its hydration. The oil also provides vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the good health of your skin. By being part of your daily life, the oil helps your skin to be radiant and look healthy.

Your product will be good for two years. Do not expose your bottle to intense light or humidity.

Not at all, just wait for the product to thaw. All our products are resistant to extreme freezing point as well as extreme heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Monique Lapointe

Tout est parfait et j’aime !!!

Colette Ricard
J’adore l’odeur du gel de douche !

à quand la crème ou lotion hydratante avec cette fabuleuse odeur de rose?
Ça fait plusieurs années que je me cherche cette odeur dans une crème! 😍


Ça sent tellement bon ..

Sylvie Beaumont
Merveilleuse senteur

J’aime beaucoup, beaucoup ce roll-on à la senteur Quartz. Ça sent vraiment la rose. Je le recommande à tout le monde qui aime la rose.

Jessica Fatal

Anytime I put on this scent I feel like I've just walked through a flower shop. So pretty!