Selv Rituel

Bath Salt Poussière Quartz

$26.00 USD

The experience 

The scorching sun warms each rose whose scent envelops you and permeates your skin. 

550g. Approximately 8 baths.


It smells... 

Like roses. 


The benefits

  • Promotes relaxation of body and mind
  • Soothes and purifies the skin
  • Relieves muscle pain



For the bath
Add the salt directly to your hot bath water. You can add our Rituel Quartz botanical body and bath oil

*For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.



Himalayan Pink Salt, Natural Rose Fragrance and Tocopherol.

Natural. Vegan.


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We suggest you put about 1/3 cup per bath, so you will have 8 baths with the medium pot of 550g and about 13 baths with the large pot of salt of 1100g.

The simple act of putting scented salt in your bath alone can provide an instant feeling of relaxation. It is also an excellent carrier of oils, vitamins and added ingredients. Himalayan pink salt is considered the purest salt in the world. (We advise against the use of salt from the Dead Sea, being the most polluted, the most processed and the most traded.)

You can easily store your Selv bath salt in a dry place for 1 year. Salt keeps forever, but oils keep for a year.

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Customer Reviews

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Émilie Chicoine

WoW! Quelle belle gamme de produits!! Je les adorent 🤩

Colette Ricard

Je l’adore tout simplement! Il y a si longtemps que je cherchais cet arôme
C’est un produit d’une grande qualité! Ça embaume ma salle de bain!