The short guide to the SELVMADE Le Rituel Évasion box





Escape to the land of dreams and envy. The heat. Rest. Delightful. Perfect for you. 


Your SELVMADE box  

This month, in your SELVMADE box, we have created an immersive tropical experience that will take you on a journey. You will feel on the beach, near the sea. We wanted to create a ritual that will allow you to escape and imagine yourself elsewhere. The sand, the sun, the heat and the flavors of a well-deserved trip. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and would like to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box in your customer account. 

To get the extra products mentioned in this little guide, just click on them directly in the text. It's still so simple! 


The stars 

For the March astral forecast I offer you a big breath of relief since we won't be starting any retrograde news (yay)!

The New Moon in Pisces will occur on March 2. and will be the perfect opportunity to manifest your intentions for the month tinged with everything you dream secretly or out loud. Pisces is characterized by its dreamy side, but it remains at the same time of an innate wisdom since it is the last sign of the zodiac. Since Pisces is a water sign, you will see yourself more aligned. with your sentimental side, but above all with your sense of intuition. Listen to what he has to tell you and believe in your psychic powers.🔮

The Full Moon in Virgo will be on March 18. and its energy will allow us to take a moment to pause to realize how we really feel. This will be the perfect opportunity to cleanse and purify our space and interior. Virgo wants to be a perfectionist, so the energy of this full moon can help you enlighten your mind on the causes of your moods and how to reclaim your space.

We are also starting the new year of the zodiac on march 20 starting the ram season. Aries, a sign of fire, already wants to be in the ardor of action in itself, but adding the fact that it is the first sign of the zodiac, it is also characterized by a childlike energy. Like the first in a series of 12. So your action take may be a bit more impulsive and strong in this time frame, but I urge you to take that energy boost by being the leader you wish to be for yourself and others. Advice from a Sun in Aries here present!🙋

Happy astral month to all!

Rox (iel)



The experience 

The Ritual Evasion is a trip to the south, but staying at home. 

To start, you can use your Le Rituel Soleil botanical oil roll on at any time. It contains essential oils of lemon and lavender, in addition to a sweet smell of coconut. You can carry it on you and use it whenever you want. On your wrists or behind your ears to perfume yourself lightly, on your cuticles and/or on your joints to nourish them, on your temples to relax. 

Then, you can choose, as you wish, if you want to take your taste buds on a journey before or after your wellness ritual. Your bag of Marisol paella will take you on a journey and discover flavors that you will no longer be able to do without. The recipe is in your box of the month.

If you lost the box, here is recipe

You can watch the video by just clicking here


50 ml olive oil (3 tbsp) 
200 g tofu, cut into 2cm cubes 
1 onion, chopped 
1 garlic clove, minced 
1 red pepper cut into cubes 
1 small eggplant, cut into cubes of about 2 cm 
2 peeled and grated tomatoes 
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary 
5 sliced white mushrooms 
12 green beans, stemmed 
1 lemon cut into wedges 


Recipe to be made on the stove in the same pan. 

In the skillet, heat to medium heat the oil. Soften the onion, garlic and rosemary. 
Brown the tofu for about 5 minutes. 
Add the baby eggplant and mushrooms. Cook 4 more minutes. 
Add the grated tomato and bring to a boil to reduce the juice. About 4 minutes. 
Add bell pepper and beans. Cook another 3 minutes. 
Add 750 ml of cold water (3 cups) and the paella bag. Mix everything well. 
Bring to a boil over high heat and simmer for 5 minutes

Cook over low heat during 14 to 17 minutes and stop stirring. 
Let stand 5 minutes before serving. 
Squeeze a lemon. It's ready! 


 The Shower Escape Ritual

Psst. You have 15% off with the code SELV15 on a purchase on Mateina's site

In your shower ritual, you can choose to drink your Mateina drink at the time of the day that suits you. We strongly suggest that you do your ritual in the morning, to take full advantage of the energizing benefits of your products. 

The verbena, lime and lemon shower gel is incredibly refreshing. Use it to wash yourself in the morning to give you a boost of motivation. We loooove it. 

Beach sand and sea salt are known to exfoliate skin and leave feet feeling soft. We were inspired to create this pineapple, pink grapefruit and tea tree foot scrub. Made with turmeric butter, it has anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to stimulating regeneration and eliminating bacteria that may be under your feet. Take a generous amount of scrub in your hand and rub it vigorously on and under your feet. Rinse well. Be careful, your shower floor may slip a little afterwards. 

In winter, we tend to have much drier skin than the rest of the year. That's why we made this butter superhydratant to use on the most dehydrated areas of your body (or everywhere!). It contains mango butter, shea butter, coconut butter, in addition to offering a heavenly smell of mango and passion fruit. The dream or what? Yesiii. 

To seal in the moisture that Super Moisturizing Body Butter will give you, you can use any of the shimmering coconut oils from your Oil Trio. The shimmer is delicate, yet elegant. Perfect for applying and perfuming your legs when wearing a skirt, or on your chest for a gorgeous glow

If you are going on a trip, you absolutely must bring these oils. 


To take your shower ritual further 

If you want to take your shower ritual even further, we suggest you burn incense. incense Gonesh Envision Paradise smells tropical and delicious. put you in a mood travel, paradise.  

You can add a turmeric and honey face mask, 100% natural. Leaves your skin soft and is super easy to remove. If not, coconut lip butter who tastes the piña colada. Oh yes we want. Please and thank you!  

With beautiful, well exfoliated and soft feet, enjoy a pedicure with natural and vegan varnishes available in our SELV Market


The Bath Escape Ritual

Psst. You have 15% off with the code SELV15 on a purchase on Mateina's site 

Run your bath water and pour some of your beach-smelling bath salt into it. Place your little vial on the edge of your bath and wait until you are well settled in your bath to discover the message inside. There are 5 different messages, so you won't get the same as everyone else. 

We hood on the shells in the bottom of the bath, in addition to the saline water, which will give you the effect of being at the beach, in the south, on the edge of the sea. 

Your shimmering coconut oil trio can all be used together. Otherwise, take the opportunity to make the arrangements that you like, according to the smells and colors. The reflections of the shimmering oil in the bath water will remind you of the rays of the sun touching the water of the sea. Magnificent. You can also use them to nourish your skin, perfume it and make it shine. 

Your sage and cinnamon smudge will serve you to attract harmony and healing, in addition to protecting you against negative emotions. The scent of sage and cinnamon are the perfect opposite and will create a warm and soothing atmosphere, worthy of a trip to the south! 

Butter superhydratant is literally a hydration bomb for your skin. Apply it when you get out of the bath to hydrate your skin well and give it a sweet and sublime smell. 


To take your bath ritual further 

If you want to take your bath ritual even further, you can treat yourself coconut face mask. We love it because it leaves the skin feeling clean, healthy and soft. 

Also, the Citrus Complementary Immersive Kit will complete your bath ritual brilliantly. 

As a drink, yes, you can enjoy your Mateina drink, but you also have the option of creating a drink or a cocktail with the mix of ''milk'' matcha and coconut. The favorite drink of a good part of the team here at SELV! You can create a cocktail inspired by piña colada following the steps described in the product description, put the mixture in a blender, add 1oz of rum and ice cubes. Yum! 

Otherwise, the body dry brush will allow you to deeply exfoliate your skin, in addition to stimulating blood circulation. Nothing better for your legs, belly, arms and back. 


Spring Break 

Spring break will be, according to forecasts, under the sign of deconfinement in Quebec! Take the opportunity to get together with the people you missed and try our games.