The little guide to the selvmade box Le Rituel Être




Ephemeral movement, the transparency of spirit that lives in you. Move without thinking. Learn without limits, for fun. You are you. 


Your SELVMADE box  

This month, in your SELVMADE box, we created an immersive experience that targets your body, movement and your breathing. It's a box designed for your muscles working, your body moving. It is timely with spring and the return of outdoor activities in milder weather. Inhale Exhale. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and would like to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box in your customer account. 

To get the extra products mentioned in this little guide, just click on them directly in the text. It's still so simple! 


The stars 

We start the month strong with a New Moon in Aries on the 1is April! This fiery energy will allow you to manifest all that you wish to put into action for the next month. Don't underestimate your own inner fire, Aries season will influence that side of you to glow. However, be careful of the impulsive behaviors that this energy can bring you, it can be annoying!

Also of interest will be the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces which will take us into a new 13-year cycle beginning April 12. This conjunction is rare since these planets have their own slow cycles (Jupiter remains 1 year and a month in each sign and Neptune 14 years). Jupiter is a social planet that rules expansion, social outreach, and abundance. Neptune, on the other hand, is a generational planet that rules on the dreamy side (it has more of a group influence than an individual one). We can therefore foresee a change in the years to come where the influence of the arts, creativity, solidarity and spirituality will be more dominant in our lives.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 16 will come to harmonize what has been stirring in the last few weeks. Although Libra is characterized by its indecision, it has a very important role for justice, balance and harmony. Taking a moment to lay down, to globally acknowledge what you've been through lately, and to offer yourself some love (because Libra is still ruled by Venus, the planet of love) is an ideal self-proposal. -care on this Full Moon.

Finally, April 29 will begin a Pluto Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto, being a generational planet, rules intensity, the unconscious and control. Until October 8, prevailing a regular introspection to better understand how our consciousness and our unconscious interact can help to temper this Retrograde. Do not underestimate the emotional irregularities to come, be gentle with yourself and validate your states.

See you next time!

Rox (iel/they/them)


The experience 

The Being Ritual allows you to take care of your muscular and respiratory system. 

To start, we wanted to offer you basil seeds so that you can immediately start preparing a garden, or a mini garden. Growing your own herbs is so rewarding. When your basil grows, you can use a few stems in your bath ritual. It is so beautiful! 

The essential oil inhaler is great for boosting your respiratory system. Use it whenever you want, during your bath or shower ritual or in your daily life. 

In your box, you are given access to a free self-massage session on the Acte Training platform to do with the yoga strap. It's a great opportunity to stretch, relieve yourself and do some good for your muscles. These are stretches that you can do whenever you want. Here is the link to access it:

We recommend that you do this session before starting your bath ritual, to prepare your body for the relaxation that The Ritual of Being will offer you.


 The Shower Ritual

  • A packet of Le Noyau basil seeds 
  • A eucalyptus essential oil inhaler 
  • A eucalyptus and verbena foaming exfoliant (with citrine sand)
  • A yoga strap 
  • A sample SELV x ACTE No 02 Recovery Muscle Oil 
  • A self-massage session to do with the yoga strap offered by Acte 
  • A mist for the shower Le Rituel Nordique 
  • A eucalyptus and lemon bar soap 
  • A eucalyptus and mint candle from Moonday 

Psst. You get 25% off your first month of subscription to ACT with code SELV25! 

You can start by lighting your mint and eucalyptus candle from Moonday. The smell of mint and eucalyptus will put you in a relaxing mood. 

We wanted to let you discover our news Le Rituel Nordique shower mist, lavender and eucalyptus. An innovative product that allows you to live an immersive experience like in a sauna, but at home. You get all the benefits of essential oils with this incredible product. Lavender is packed with amazing sleep benefits. 

Spray mist 3-4 times below hot water shower spray. Take deep breaths. Repeat up to 3 times. The Nordic shower mist is perfect to use in an evening shower ritual.  

It's not an ambient drizzle. The fragrance will not work in a room that is not humid, without steam. 

Next, we designed a foaming body exfoliant with the scent of eucalyptus and verbena. If you put your product under the light, you will see yellow reflections, it is citrine powder. Citrine is a stone associated with prosperity. It helps to face big changes in life because it attracts abundance, wealth and success. This exfoliator cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin, in addition to offering you spiritual virtues. 

You can use the scrub before or after using your Eucalyptus & Lemon Rope Bar Soap to cleanse your skin. The smell is lively and fresh, we love it. Then hang your soap wherever you want in your shower. Practical, gentle on the skin and invigorating.

We also offered you a mini sample of therecovery muscle oil No 02 SELV x ACTE. This product is normally sold in a roll on format to target sore muscles and help them relax. You can use it sparingly on the areas of your body that you want to massage because it is a very potent and extremely potent oil. 


To take your shower ritual further 

During your shower ritual, you might want to enjoy a hot drink. We offer you la tisane Lord of the Violet Flame, a floral herbal tea with a light mint flavor. 

Otherwise, we suggest you massage your body, but mainly the muscles of the face, with our mini massage mushrooms. uses our face oil, a serum or an oil of your choice to target the different small muscles of your face. 

If you want to stay in the sports theme, you can always use thebath and body oil No 03 SELV x ACTE as a massage oil. It's a nourishing oil for the skin, but also amazing for enjoying a massage, connecting to your body and mind in the warm water of a bath, or even incredibly effective in a bath of feet. 


The Bath Escape Ritual

  • A packet of Le Noyau basil seeds 
  • A eucalyptus essential oil inhaler 
  • A eucalyptus and verbena foaming exfoliant (with citrine sand)
  • A yoga strap 
  • A sample SELV x ACTE No 02 Recovery Muscle Oil 
  • A self-massage session to do with the yoga strap offered by Acte 
  • A bubble bath The Ritual Being with verbena, lime and lemon 
  • An immersive kit The Ritual of Being 
  • A scratch 

Psst. You get 25% off your first month of subscription to ACT with code SELV25! 

Let your bath water run and pour the immersive kit The Ritual of Being into it. It contains epsom salt for all the benefits that this type of salt has for the muscles. The mint tea bag can be left free in your bath or you can hang it on the tap so that it infuses without sinking to the bottom. Mint has benefits for headaches and anxiety. 

You can tie up your hair with the handmade white silk scrunchie. 

Then, use the foaming scrub to wash, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. You can also use the verbena, lemon and lime bubble bath. Bubble bath is also an excellent body cleanser. To create a nice lather, add between 10 and 12 small capfuls of bubble bath to your bath water as it flows. 


To take your bath ritual further 

If you want to take your bathing ritual even further, you can burn our eucalyptus and sage smudge to free the air of negative energies and enjoy the benefits for your respiratory system. 

Alternatively, you can add a few pipettes from our Le Rituel Nordique botanical bath and body oil. It smells of eucalyptus and lavender, so it will perfectly complement your immersive The Ritual of Being kit. The smell of the spa, but at home. Our best seller since the very beginning of Selv. 

You can add a wonderful bath salt for muscle recovery, with cedar, smoke and coniferous scents: recovery bath salt No 04 SELV x ACTE. It is also, like the immersive kit, made from epsom salt.