The little guide to the SELVMADE box The SOMMER Ritual



I was hoping to be there for this moment. I prioritize myself. Summer, at last. Summer freshness. 


Your SELVMADE box  

This Ritual box is perfect to start the summer in style. 5 to 7, sweet moments, cocktails and sunshine. Smells of citrus and fruit that will make your mouth water. The warmth of the sun, the gentle sunsets, the lighter air, the longer evenings. 

If you receive the BATH ritual and want to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box from your customer account. 

To get the extra products mentioned in this little guide, just click on them directly in the text. It's always so simple! 


the stars 

Hello to you little earthling,

Here are the important elements of your astral weather for the month of June!

First of all, from June 3, Mercury, which rules our communication and our learning (which has been in retrograde since May 10), will enter Taurus directly. With all the confusion that this last retrograde may have brought, this energetic shift will allow us to regain a gradual sense of our thoughts, see to better decisional clarity for ourselves and what you are currently gravitating around.

On June 11, Venus conjuncts Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Paired together, this energetic combination will allow you to emancipate yourself even more in your loves and in your creativity, yay! On June 14, there will be a super full moon in Sagittarius. The term "super" is used since the moon will be closer to Earth than normal, which amplifies its energy. In the sign of Sagittarius, this full moon is likely to allow you to center yourself on yourself, allowing you to see more clearly how you can move forward in a new light.

June 21 will be the Solstice where the Sun will pass under the sign of Cancer. It will be one of the longest days of the year and the beginning of summer! The New Moon in Cancer will be June 29. Under this emotional, motherly sign which is ruled by the moon itself, treat yourself to some quality time with yourself. Let yourself be rocked by the flow of this day and allow yourself to create with your feelings / emotions of the present moment. Finally, on June 30, the Sun will conjunct Black Moon Lilith. This energy will be very dense and will affect the healing or awakening of your sexuality and desires.

Have a good month of June y’all!

Rox (iel/they/them)


The experience 

The rosehip and lychee lip oil is perfect to give a beautiful shine to the lips during your outings, but also to integrate into your well-being care routine in order to nourish your lips in depth. 

The solid clementine perfume allows you to perfume yourself, on-the-go at any time. A summery smell, fresh and tangy. 

Prepare yourself a delicious lychee cocktail with Monsieur Cocktail's cocktail syrup. In your box, you have a recipe card to make a delicious Litchi Martini. 


1 1/2 oz of vodka 
3/4 oz lychee syrup 
1/2 oz cranberry juice 
1 slice of lime 


In a shaker, mix all the ingredients with ice until your fingers are cold. Strain through a fine sieve into a chilled martini glass. Decorate with a slice of lime. 

In the SELV Market, you are offered a wide variety of cocktail syrup from Monsieur Cocktail to make the most delicious cocktails this summer. 

Best of all? You get 10% off the SELV Market with the code: MARCHESELV10 simply by subscribing to the monthly SelvMade box. Take the opportunity to stock up for your evenings this summer!


The SOMMER Shower Ritual

First stage

Use your foaming soap as a shower gel with the cleansing sea sponge. The smell is reminiscent of the taste of a delicious cocktail that we enjoy outside while the sun warms our skin.

Second step 

Exfoliate your skin with the Orange Creamsicle Popsicle Body Scrub, the unmistakable symbol of summer. Rub gently and then rinse. 

Third step 

You can use cuticle oil on your fingertips to nourish your cuticles. This oil will give you beautiful soft hands this summer. You can also use it on the cuticles of your toes for a dreamy pedicure. The smell is simply divine. 

Fourth step  

When you're ready to go out, you can apply your lip oil, a little solid perfume on your wrists, behind your ears and on your neck. 

Take care of your physical body, feel good and ready to escape. 


To take your SHOWER ritual even further 

To get you in the mood, you may want to light some incense. We recommend you Holistick Lotus incense. It smells floral and summery at the same time, we love it!

A shimmering and hydrated skin is everyone's dream this summer. We recommend that you add theshimmering oil Le Rituel Golden Hour with mango for a glow sublime. 

You get 50% off these two products by subscribing to the monthly box. Simply connect to your customer account, you have access to it in the Monthly Box section, the Exclusive Products tab. 


The Bath Escape Ritual

First stage  

Run lukewarm water in your bath. Taking a lukewarm bath is so satisfying when the temperature warms up. 

Place your bath tea bag in the water and move it slowly in the water so that it infuses. Then hang it on the faucet so that it continues to infuse throughout your bath. 

Second step 

Drop the orange slices into the bath water and pour popsicle bath salt into the bath water. A typical summer smell that brings back memories, refreshes and does good. 

Third step 

You can use the grapefruit foaming soap as a bubble bath. The smell is crisp and sweet. Pour when the water runs to let it foam. Alternatively, you can simply use it as a body wash with your cleansing sea sponge. 

Fourth step 

When you're ready to go out, you can apply your lip oil, a little solid perfume on your wrists, behind your ears and on your neck. 

Take care of your physical body, feel good and ready to escape.


To take your BATH ritual further 

If you're not using the foaming soap as a bubble bath, you might want to create yourself a bliss-filled citrus bath cocktail. You can try the The Boho Ritual immersive kit to complete your ritual.  

To enjoy a moment of beauty and well-being, but also radiant skin this summer, use the turmeric and honey face mask. Organic and 100% natural. 


Our summer essentials 

We offer you several incredible solar products that are 100% natural and good for the environment. 

You can discover them by going to the Skincare section of the SELV Market, under the Sun tab, or by just clicking here

Otherwise, summer is made for fun! Sourbelt sweets are PERFECT to enjoy. You can eat them just like that, add them to your cocktails or make original desserts. 

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