The little guide to the SELVMADE Le Rituel Blossom box



Spring arrives and heralds the arrival of its flowers. The trees are in bloom. The colors return, the heat too. Everything seems to smell fresher. 


Your SELVMADE box  

This Ritual box smells of spring. The flowers, the renewal and the fresh air of the heat which announces quietly. It is a box filled with sweetness and delicacy. Lots of beautiful things to start this new season that will do us so much good.

If you receive the BATH ritual and want to try products from the SHOWER ritual, you can add some to your next monthly box from your customer account. 

To get the extra products mentioned in this little guide, just click on them directly in the text. It's always so simple! 


the stars 

Hello dear earthling,

For the astral forecast for the month of May, I have the good fortune or the misfortune (depending on your perspective) to announce the arrival of a Mercury retrograde this month. Starting May 10, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Gemini, a sign under the air family. This retrograde will last until June, specifically until June 3. During this time period, it may be beneficial for you to revisit your previous commitments, reassess your priorities and see the extent that these have in your life. However, this is not the ideal time to start or undertake new projects. Tap into your intellect and let yourself be surprised by the intellectual agility that this retrograde will offer you. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo, hence its innate ease in communicating and easily adapting to different realities. Draw inspiration from this mental strength during this period of hindsight.

Besides this retrograde, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be on May 16 and the New Moon in Taurus on May 30. For this full moon, give yourself a moment of gratitude to yourself. The energy of Scorpio, a very intuitive water sign, will allow you to tap deep into yourself. Channel this energy in recognition of your being and take the time to externalize it through writing or by affirming it aloud. Make a ritual including water (like taking a moment self-care in his bath) will allow you to synchronize with the moon and your own gratitude. When it comes to the May 30 new moon, feel free to respond to intentions that resonate deeply with you. The bull is very abundant, epicurean and materialistic. He likes beautiful things and has a long-term vision that leads him to prosperous stability. Ally yourself with this energy so that your intentions last and materialize.

Happy astral month to all,

Rox (iel/they/them) xx


The experience 

The Blossom Ritual allows you to enjoy the smells of spring. 

First of all, the postcard is already franked so that you can write a note to someone you love. We no longer take the time to actually hand-write sweet nothings to the people we love. The simple fact of receiving a little note by post is so adorable and surprising. We hope that this little attention will fill one of your loved ones with joy. 


 The Shower Ritual

First stage

Start by making yourself comfortable for your body wrap. You can get out a towel and sit on your couch. You could simply apply it and prepare your ritual while letting the product hydrate your skin. You can sit in your bathroom and wrap yourself in a towel with the product on your legs. It's how you feel! 

Taking care to take the rose petals and incorporate them into the mixture, apply this wrap all over your legs. If you have enough products, you can put some on your stomach and arms. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Get in your shower and rinse. You can rub to make sure you remove all the product. 

Second step 

You can take advantage of the time when you leave the body wrap to rest to do the next two steps of your spring wellness ritual. 

Light a stick of French lavender incense on your mini incense holder and enjoy all its benefits. The air becoming lighter, the new energies flowing in and doing you good. 

Third step 

Prepare yourself a herbal tea, a tea or any hot drink. We offer you some of them a little further down, available in the SELV Market

Add a scoop of Bumble Bloom's classic vegan honey to your brew. This is an organic, vegan honey that we love at SELV. 

To wash yourself, you can use the Gardenia Whipped Foaming Soap. It smells incredibly sweet and fresh. Spring ! In addition to being practical, it is good for your skin. It's so nice to vary the sensations when you take a shower and clean your skin. It's also more convenient to use a whipped soap like this when you don't have a washcloth to wash with. You also have the option of using our Le Rituel Blomst shower gel, which is great to use with a washcloth. 

Fourth step  

When you get out of the shower, take the time to apply your daisy and carnation oil, because its benefits are amazing. Daisy oil has toning, softening, astringent and healing properties. Carnation absolute essential oil also has many benefits, such as protecting the skin and repairing it after exposure to the sun's rays. 


To take your SHOWER ritual even further 

For us, a complete ritual is not a success without the drink that accompanies it. We offer you several delicious options in the Drinking section of our SELV Market Pantry. On the other hand, this ritual will be more than sublime if it is accompanied by a vegan latte. Blume London Fog with Rose and a teaspoon of vegan honey Bumble Bloom

You can also complete your ritual by treating yourself to a soothing face mask, such as the SOOTHE rosehip mask from Three Ships. It leaves the skin so soft and hydrated!

After your mask, you can spray one of our face mist specially designed for the Le Rituel Blossom box. You have the choice between lavender face mistwhite rose face mist and lavender, white rose and vanilla face mist. All three have different and unique properties that you will definitely like.  


The Bath Escape Ritual


First stage 

To start, run the hot water in your bath. Pour all of your Le Rituel Blomst bubble bath sample to create a lather. 

We recommend that you immediately sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls of your bath elixir on it and let it steep for a few minutes. You can also choose to put the flowers in an empty tea bag or let them steep like this. You can take them back with a sieve before going into your bath.

You can also choose to leave the little flowers in the bath water while you bathe in them. 

Plant-infused beverages are delicious and filled with benefits for our body when we drink them. It's the same for bath water! Flowers also have positive spiritual symbolism that makes us feel good. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. We believe it is good for the soul to believe in them and immerse yourself in the spiritual benefits they offer. 

Lavender symbolizes tenderness and respect. The rose the sincere love, the lemongrass the help, and the chamomile the calm, the rest and the protection. 

In your elixir, you have a mini bottle of Moringa oil. Use it to put a few flowers of your choice inside and let them infuse in the oil to get all the benefits. 

Moringa oil is a super oil, because it is extremely powerful, but very little known. It provides elasticity to the skin, in addition to being surprisingly effective in improving different types of skin irritation. You can use it on your face! 

Second step 

When your elixir infuses, you can prepare a hot drink in which you can put a spoonful of vegan honey Bumble Bloom in order to drink it in your bath. 

Third step 

After entering your bath, you can use the wooden spoon of your elixir to sprinkle 2-3 spoonfuls of lavender bath potion into it. Watch the excitement happen. Your bath water will turn an adorable lilac color. The smell of lavender will bring you to relaxation. 

The bath potion contains amethyst powder. Amethyst will bring you better sleep, but also facilitate change. This stone is a symbol of serenity and wisdom. It brings mental calm and appeasement of obsessive thoughts. Clarity of mind. 

Fourth step 

Add 2-3 pumps of daisy and carnation oils to your bath water. 

Fifth step 

To wash yourself, you can use the gardenia whipped soap. We love it because it doesn't stick to the edges of the bath like bar soap and it doesn't dissolve as easily as a shower gel. This is the perfect body soap to use during your ritual. It is fresh and delicate. The spring that we love so much. 

When you get out of your bath, you can brush yourself with oil and enjoy its nourishing benefits on your skin. 



To take your BATH ritual further 

In your bath, in addition to the elixir, you can add the pencil case The Ritual Flowers afterur immerse yourself in an even more grandiose floral bath ritual. Otherwise, you can choose to add an immersive kit The Blomst Ritual which will intensify your spring BATH ritual. 

Try Holistick Jasmine Incense or l'encens violet et romarin de Satya to create a complete immersive atmosphere with floral scents. We also offer you sage and rose petal smudge which is incredibly effective in eliminating bad energies, in addition to opening the heart and mind.  

As a beverage, we recommend that you drink rose tea Heart of the Forest de The New New Age with a teaspoon of the Bumble Bloom honey you received in your box. 


What to give for Mother's Day 

Are you running out of ideas to offer the moms in your life? Here are our perfect gift ideas. 


The Blomst Ritual immersive kit 

Le Rituel Quartz bath and body oil 

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