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Huile botanique bain et corps Smell's like Jacob Elordi's bath water

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Done quickly, very limited quantity! 

The experience  

To whom it may concern (haha!), immerse yourself in the world of the film Saltburn for a moment. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a world where anything goes. 

It smells...  

The flower orchid, rose, lemon, bergamot, rosemary...


The benefits of this oil

  • Nourishes and promotes hydration and good health of the skin 



For the bath
Add between 2 to 3 pipettes of oil directly into hot water.

For your body
Apply 1ml to each wrist to benefit from its aromatherapeutic virtues.

To massage
Use it as a massage oil. Apply 1 or 2 pipettes of oil to the desired location.

To exfoliate
Mix the oil with the Blomst Dust bath salt to exfoliate your skin. Read our article to understand why exfoliate and how to do it with our products.


*For external use only. Do not apply to lips, eyes or genitals.   This oil is safe for pregnant women. 



Orchid oil, simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), rosa centifolia (rose of Morocco), Citrus limon (lemon), citrus bergamia (bergamot), Rosmarinus officinalis ( romarin/rosemary), natural mica, Tocopherol (vitamin E)

Natural. Vegan.

Bath: you can take up to 18 baths with your oil using 3 ml per bath (which is more than enough).

Body: you can use your oil up to 55 times by applying 1 ml per time (which is more than enough to perfume your skin or apply on a specific area).

The oil nourishes your epidermis. A good oil helps your skin to retain the water in it and thus retains its hydration. The oil also provides vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the good health of your skin. By being part of your daily life, the oil helps your skin to be radiant and look healthy.

Your product will be good for two years. Do not expose your bottle to intense light or humidity.

Not at all, just wait for the product to thaw. All our products are resistant to extreme freezing point as well as extreme heat.

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